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Deal Summer Market

Event Date(s)

18/06/2021 - 20/06/2021 - 3 day(s)

Information For Trader/Participants

The opportunity to provide a summer market at one of our favourite locations comes as a breath of fresh air! This will be in addition to the Food and Drink Festival scheduled for September this year.

With an expanse of beach front and a gentle sea breeze included in this idyllic location, we have the ideal ingredients to provide a safe, free flowing event for a local community that has always supported our offers in the past.

Information For Visitors

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Interesting Facts About The Venue

The castle originally had four tiers of artillery – the heaviest and longest-range weapons occupying the upper levels, including the keep – with a total of 66 firing positions and another 53 gunloops in the basement for handguns, should close defence be required. The embrasures in the walls were all widely splayed to provide the maximum possible space for the guns to operate and traverse, and the interior of the castle was designed with vents to allow the smoke from its guns to escape. The battlements on the modern castle are in a faux medieval, rather than Tudor, style and date from 1732.

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