Protecting the Environment

As the world population has risen steeply, the pressure on Earth’s natural resources has increased pollution, climate change and sustainable living taking are taking centre stage in future planning for governments across the globe.

We believe the Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the need to take further steps in protecting the environment. Measures introduced to control the spread of the virus have led many to question their normal daily consumption, travel requirements and reliance on convenience products.

Market Square Group is continually looking for innovative ways to lessen the impact of its activities on the environment to protect the beautiful open spaces and urban environments in which our events take place so they can continue to provide enjoyment for generations to come. Here are some of the things we are already doing to protect the environment:

• A ban on single use plastics at our events

• Drinking cups made of biodegradable materials on our bars

• Ensuring recycling bins and facilities are available at the venues we use

• Seeking traders with sustainable, ethically sourced, handmade products to join our events

• Limiting travel and supporting local economies by encouraging local traders to book our events by offering substantial discounts to grocery food and craft businesses situated within a clearly defined radius

• Careful set up and take down procedures with meticulous checking before we leave site to ensure that we hand venues back in the condition we found them • Re-use or recycling of promotional materials such as event banners 

• Using the most fuel-efficient generators for power and using alternative, more sustainable sources of electricity for our events when we can.

• Proactive sourcing of suppliers that can help us enhance the environmental sustainability of our events

Here are some of the things that you can do to improve the sustainability of our events when trading with us:

• Ensure that you do not bring single use disposable plastics or carrier bags to our events and find suitable alternatives


• Review suppliers of ingredients, materials and products to ensure that your end product is produced in an ethical, sustainable way

• Think about where your ingredients, materials and products are sourced to limit the number of miles they travel to reach you

• Place all waste in the facilities provided onsite

• Limit the amount of time that your vehicle is left running when loading, unloading or moving on and off site

• Stay locally at the events you attend to reduce the fuel that you use