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Hythe Food & Drink Festival

Event Date(s)

20/07/2018 - 22/07/2018 - 3 day(s)

Information For Trader/Participants

Following the runaway success of previous years, this will be our 3rd year hosting the Hythe Food & Drink Festival. Holman's Field alongside the enchanting Royal Military Canal will once again provide the setting. Although only established in 2016 this has very quickly grown into a major event with significant visitor numbers, drawn from across the region and reaching into London.

For 2018 we aim to promote the event across the Channel and encourage Continental visitors to join the party, as Hythe is only a short distance from the Channel Tunnel and Ferry Terminals.

Hythe has a rich seafood tradition with a small fleet of fishing boats still operating from the shores of Hythe Bay. In more recent years, the town has become an increasingly attractive home for younger families and the upwardly mobile who can commute easily to London. We are looking forward to another successful outing in this our most Southerly venture into the Garden of England.

Local producers and businesses are particularly welcome to apply for a stall. Please submit your booking with a full description of your products - photos may be requested.

Information For Visitors

Our food festivals are designed to promote the cultural identity of the local area against a regional, national and international backdrop, showcasing food and drink products and associated attractions to create a quality community event and provide visitors with an entertaining and memorable experience.

The backdrop of the Hythe canal stretch will certainly help to create that memorable experience which together with children's entertainment, a programme of live music and craft beer bar all adds up to a tasty offer.

Interesting Facts About The Venue

On October 30 1804 the first sod of the Royal Military Canal was dug at Seabrook. Harsh winter weather and severe flooding, as well as difficulty in attracting labourers - known as navvies - meant that the original completion date appeared wildly optimistic. By May 1805 the canal project was close to disaster: only six miles had been completed and work had stopped. William Pitt intervened: the contractors and Rennie were dismissed.

The project was put in the hands of the Quartermaster-General’s department with Lt-Col. Brown in command. Navvies dug the canal, while the military built the ramparts and turfed the banks. Flooding continued to be a barrier to progress and hand pumps were used day and night to keep the trench from filling with water. Eventually powerful steam-driven pumps were used to clear the water.

At its peak there were 1,500 men working on the canal. The canal was dug entirely by hand, using picks and shovels and the soil was carried away in wheelbarrows. Once the canal was dug it was lined with clay. The change of command and the greater work force speeded progress so that by August 1806 the canal was open from Seabrook to the River Rother. However, concessions were made. The original dimensions of the canal were greatly reduced due to increasing problems encountered by the builders and pressures of time, so that for most of its length the canal is half its projected width and it wasn’t until April 1809 that the canal was actually completed.

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