The Medieval Market


The Medieval Market
…is designed to recreate an authentic Medieval Market 'feel' through the use of specially-fabricated stalls showcasing carefully-selected products alongside attractions to provide visitors with an entertaining and memorable experience. 

Why are we still fascinated by Medieval History?
In an age when life was short and rarely sweet for the vast majority, when rivalry and violence was prolific across the kingdoms of Europe and where fear and ignorance of the unknown encouraged blind faith, you could be forgiven for thinking that this was an age best forgotten.  

However, consider the number of ceremonies, processions, festivals and pageants with a Medieval heritage that are still celebrated and it is clear just how much interest this age still holds.

There is a continuing fascination with the chivalry, intrigue, pomp and glory of the medieval period - while the struggle between that which is pure and that which is corrupt is what makes this period of history so accessible to all. 

The Legacy of the Middle Ages
The colour, imagery, characters and stories passed down from generation to generation are the exciting legacy of the Medieval period.  

We also have the daily visual reminder of these times in the form of Gothic and Medieval architecture as testimony of this bygone age.  

Against this back drop, and with these images, Market Square Group has designed a market recreating the character of the middle ages.

Market Content
The Medieval Market combines a sense of fun, visual stimulation and discovery within a unique retail experience.  This original themed street market offers high value entertainment and products carefully selected for their quality, value and validity within the event. 

Our aim is to remain true in spirit to the medieval age by recreating a market place that engages the senses through sight and sound and presents a highly plausible selection of foods, goods and market characters.

The Medieval Market Place
As well as very fine victuals, including traditional hog roast, old English ciders and venison from the King’s woodland, there will be crafts, clothing, fine jewellery and demonstrations of traditional skills by the likes of Mr James Newboult from the trinity Pottery in Nottinghamshire, the company of Artisans from the South East of the country and the tireless jesting of our favourite fool, Mr Devil Stick Pete.

Stall holders will be in medieval attire with stocks on site for anyone found to be less than enthusiastic among the visiting crowds.

Don't be surprised if King John sits down beside you in the picnic area -  he may want you to try his food first as it would not do for the King to be poisoned before one of his loyal subjects!

The Elements of The Medieval Market 
We have created a themed market with products in keeping with this particular period of history. 

The market will be divided into sections as follow: 

  •     The Tavern - at the heart of the market selling mead, wines and local ales
  •     The Hot Food Quarter - chefs will sweat and toil to bring the good people a meal fit for a KIng
  •     The Peasant Quarter - good honest food from the land
  •     The Artisan Quarter - handmade jewellery, textiles and clothing
  •     The Exotic Quarter - foods and crafts brought back from the Holy Land and beyond

Our Medieval Market characters 

  •     The Jester
  •     The Knight and his Squire
  •     The Friar and his Brethren
  •     The Priest
  •     The Cook and his Kitchen Staff
  •     The Simple Peasant
  •     The Merchant
  •     The Sheriff and his Men
  •     The Lady
  •     The Gentleman
  •     The Maiden
  •     The Wench
  •     The Tavern Keeper

Delivering Stalls and Stall Holders 

  •     Handpick stalls which are in keeping and of particular value to the market theme
  •     Consider applications carefully and request photographic evidence to support applications where necessary
  •     Seek out products and personalities that will enhance the market for the benefit of the community
  •     Prioritise stall holders who show character and a willingness to interact with the visiting public
  •     Traders will be selected from the UK, the Continent and Eastern World from where food and goods would have found their way to Europe as a result of the crusades to the Holy Land.

Market Square Group currently holds a database of more than 5,000 traders, incorporating an extensive range of product areas.

Our selection of goods will provide value and validity in terms of traceability, sustainability, nutritional content as well as quality of craftsmanship.

Our Guarantee 
As well as staying true to the criteria for stall holder and product selection, we 

  •     Provide costumes for the stall holders to ensure their authenticity and quality
  •     Provide our own specially-designed stalls with made-to-measure medieval decoration

The Structures and Decor

  •     Specially-designed and purpose-built wooden structures including a tavern and medieval market stalls
  •     Medieval/Tudor chalet shops
  •     Shop signs
  •     Wood and canvas stalls with medieval decor including hessian side screens and canvas roofs
  •     Props including wooden handcarts, stocks and fire buckets
  •     Heraldic screens
  •     Heraldic flags
  •     Willow hurdles

Flags and Heraldry
Heraldic Flags will be flown throughout the market.  As it is indirectly the King through the local Barons who is the patron of each market, it is fitting that the knights of the realm and their family colours are represented throughout.

A Sustainable Event 
As any of our referees will testify, we actively encourage the participation of local businesses as part of our own company ethos. 

We will actively promote and support the local economy in the following ways: 

  •     Ring-fencing 25% of our event space for local businesses
  •     Offering discounts to local businesses wanting to join our events
  •     Guiding our caterers to buy local fresh produce for their dishes
  •     Guiding our traders to rent accommodation in the area
  •     Where possible, engaging local businesses in the provision of services such as power, waste management and security 

Eco-Friendly, Ethical Trading 
Our markets benefit from the progress we have made in establishing an environmental and world concern ethos. Not only can we attract many traders other event operators simply do not have on their books, but we demonstrate our commitment in the following ways:

  •     Low carbon footprint – we discount prices for local businesses
  •     A strong line-up of ethically-traded products
  •     Fair trade produce will be given preference over non-fair trade
  •     Plastic bag free policy
  •     Recycled paper plates and packaging and bio-degradable plastic glasses policy
  •     Low energy lighting
  •     'Buy local’ for catering stalls 

Creating a Great Atmosphere with Special Features 
As an integral part of the Medieval Market, Market Square Group will include a number of workshops and craft demonstrations - with the agreement of our host – these may include:

  •     Story telling
  •     Live music
  •     Street theatre
  •     Pole lathing demonstrations
  •     Pottery demonstrations including medieval pot throwing
  •     Medieval tile making
  •     Medieval building techniques
  •     Medieval cookery demonstrations
  •     Tourism showcase

“How refreshing to have the option of a highly original themed market for town centres.  I was beginning to wonder whether markets would ever reinvent themselves.  The Medieval Market has a universal theme and provides a great diversion, particularly in such challenging economic times.  One of the key attractions is that not one of our local businesses have raised any objection in terms of conflict of trade...”