World Village Market

The World Village Market
…is a unique street market with a festival feel featuring exotic world cooking, homemade, healthy and traceable foods together with ethical traded, handmade, eco-friendly arts, crafts, clothing, jewellery, accessories and original ideas.

Our Objectives

  • to create an original themed market providing colour and character, blending the exotic with the sustainable and putting eco-friendly before mass production
  • to provide stalls selling products of excellent quality and unquestionable authenticity that are unique to particular regions of the world
  • to encourage local businesses to be part of the market, with discounts offered
  • to offer added attractions such as music workshops, street theatre, live music performances, cookery demonstrations and children’s entertainment

Unique to the UK
We believe that Britain provides the most complete meeting place in the world; the old and new world, the developing world and the most highly developed all come together in the UK. No other country in Europe has such a history of empire and emigration and immigration.

Britain has one of the world’s richest food cultures with dishes from India, Thailand, the Caribbean, South America as well as Europe providing ingredients to our nation’s staple diet. The World Village Market features many of these dishes - and celebrates the cultures behind them.

One World
The World Village Market is a celebration of the street trading tradition that is common to all countries throughout the world. 

Street trading is still a way of life in many countries in the East and is now seeing a resurgence in the West.
Such markets were once a traditional route to the top for many budding entrepreneurs and today, with the rising cost of High Street rents and lack of lending for business start-up capital, we are seeing a resurgence of that cycle.

We continue to see a demand for original, high-quality food products as a great many people care not only about the source but the ingredients used. Similarly original, handmade and/or ethically traded arts, crafts, clothing and jewellery are holding their own in these challenging economic times. People are being more careful about how they spend their money.

The World Village Market showcases products that are unique to particular regions of the world and are cultural identifiers. 

Drawing on our database, we expect to see the following countries represented:

  • Europe – including France, Spain, Italy, Russia, Germany, Portugal, Transylvania, Greece, and a ‘Best of British Section’ (including products local to our host venue)
  • Developing World – including Thailand, Indonesia, India and China,
  • South America – including Ecuador and Peru
  • Scandinavia – including Finland, Sweden and Norway
  • Africa – including South Africa and Zimbabwe
  • The New World – including the United States, Canada and Australia

The World Village Market features a great range of exotic foods and drinks together with crafts, clothing, jewellery, home furnishings and accessories. A great gathering of goods and a feast of food will be on offer, with an international line-up of stalls alongside some of our own ‘home grown’ specialities.

Delivering Stalls and Stall Holders

  • Handpick stalls which are of particular value to specific venues
  • Consider applications carefully and request photographic evidence to support applications where necessary
  • Seek out products and personalities that will enhance the market for the benefit of the community
  • Prioritise stall holders who show character and a willingness to interact with the visiting public
  • Market the event to our database of businesses and create interest from other stall holders through a number of marketing and public relations strategies.

Market Square Group currently holds a database of more than 4,000 traders, incorporating an extensive range of product areas

Our practice of seeking out the best of ethical products and business practice over the last four years has provided us with a unique database. Our selection of World Goods and Food will provide value and validity in terms of traceability, sustainability, nutritional content and quality of craftsmanship.

Presentation of Stalls
We insist on a minimum standard of presentation and mini marquees are required for all stalls. Market Square Group can provide mini marquees on a hire basis to ensure that standards are maintained.
In exceptional circumstances (and where we consider a product warrants) we will consider other stall types

All traders, proprietors and employees alike, will be present themselves and their products in a clean and tidy manner. Market Square Group encourages the display of cultural identifiers such as flags and national/industry costume. Furthermore, we insist on clear descriptions of ingredients/materials are displayed on the stalls.

A Sustainable Event
As any of our referees will testify, we actively encourage the participation of local businesses as part of our own company ethos.

We will actively promote and support the local economy in the following ways:

  • Ring-fencing 25% of our event space for local businesses
  • Offering discounts to local businesses wanting to join our events
  • Guiding our caterers to buy local fresh produce for their dishes
  • Guiding our traders to rent accommodation in the area
  • Where possible, engaging local businesses in the provision of services such as power, waste management and security
  • Involving local restaurants/catering colleges and schools

Eco-Friendly, Ethical Trading
Our markets benefit from the progress we have made in establishing an environmental and world concern ethos when staging our events. 

Not only can we attract many traders other event operators simply do not have on their books, but we will demonstrate our commitment in the following ways:

  • Low carbon footprint – we discount prices for local businesses
  • A strong line-up of ethically-traded productsFair trade produce will be given preference over non-fair trade
  • Plastic bag free policy
  • Recycled paper plates and packaging and bio-degradable plastic glasses policy
  • Low energy lighting
  • ‘Buy local’ for catering stalls

Creating a Great Atmosphere with Special Features
Drawing on our expertise in creating exciting and innovative events we can – with the agreement of our host venue - provide entertainment and workshops to enhance the festival feel of the market.

Such activities may include:

  • Drumming or other music workshops
  • Live music performances
  • Street theatre
  • Wood carving and craft demonstrations
  • Pottery demonstrations, including medieval pot throwing
  • Showcasing energy saving ideas and eco-friendly practices
  • Children’s story telling and puppet shows in a special picnic area
  • Cookery demonstrations
  • Promoting local tourism

In Conclusion
Market Square Group considers each event staged on an individual basis. We apply tailor-made solutions to each challenge we undertake and believe in engaging fully with both the community in whose midst the event is taking place and the partners with whom we are working.

"The council is delighted to be able to host this market again, which offers people a variety of interesting and different items. Handcrafted, artisan made, unusual and exotic items will be available to the people of Dundee and visitors from further afield to enjoy and we are always happy to support ventures which attract people to the city centre." Will Dawson, Convener of Dundee City Council’s City Development Committee.